Analog Layout Training


  • Prerequisites

    B.E/B.Tech in ECE, M.E/M.Tech/M.S in VLSI/Embedded Systems/Digital Electronics;

  • Fee

    Rs: 80,000/- Plus 18% GST.

  • No of seats


Admission Test Syllabus:

Need to qualify the screening test and technical interview.Test would be conducted in Basic Electronics – BJT, FET, CMOS; Digital Electronics – Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, K-Maps, Logic Gates, Logic Families, Combinational Circuits, Sequential Circuits and Counters.

Course Content

Fundamental concepts in MOSFET fundamentals, Second order effects, Digital logic gates, Fabrication concepts, Latch Up, Analog building blocks, Analog layout concepts like Module based floor plan techniques, Device Matching techniques, Routing techniques (Power, Signal), Shielding concepts, Deep sub-micron process challenges like Well proximity, LOD and STI effects, ESD concepts and Layout guidelines. Physical verification concepts like LVS, DRC and Antenna with Parasitic extraction. Exposure to the Importance of reliability checks like EMIR analysis, DFM checks and ESD path checks. The trainees get to work on 5 to 6 different designs. The assignments are designed in such a way that our trainees have a clear understanding about developing layouts from schematics following the design constraints, process challenges and layout guidelines and verified their designs and extracted within the given specification limits.